In the beginning was… the choker. 

ÅPĒIRÔN was initially thought up as a brand of personalisable choker necklaces for you to customise with a range of pins. Our mission was to take the choker from fashion fad to wardrobe mainstay, one pin at a time. 


But as time went on, we thought why limit your creativity to just choosing what pins to personalise your choker with. We want to grant you the liberty to play with our pieces and let you decide how to wear it altogether. Here at ÅPĒIRÔN HQ, we wear our ribbons on the wrists as bracelets, on our necks as chokers, on our waists as belts and we especially love wearing the pins on their own as…well, pins (aka brooches). 


So here’s to your creativity with our jewellery! Explore and get inspired, shop and don’t forget to share with us all the unique ways you wear #MYÅPĒIRÔN. 


I’m Inga Meladze, founder and creative director of ÅPĒIRÔN.

The brand was born out of my desire to create a world of escapism, enchantment and playfulness. I imagine our jewellery to be a tool serving girls and women as a portal on their journey to this dreamy universe where imagination wanders, creativity abounds and colour reigns.


With this thought in mind, our pieces are designed to help metamorphose your fantasies into something more material. Like the magical ingredients of a potion in the making, our first collection offers a range of ribbons and pins that you can choose to wear simply on their own or put together in various combinations and make them into a song of beauty.

Xx Inga